Naya Motors

The New Energy Vehicle Project

We have been working through a spectrum of Industries to develop solutions for our partners over a number of platforms. Our goal is to assist companies to develop new product architectures & solutions through an array of Vehicle Platforms. The solutions are more B2B in natures as we aim to be an end to end solution provides in the sphere of Vehicle Design & Development.

The Product Architecture

We have closely worked with a number of companies to assist in new vehicle design & Development. This is possible due to years of experience working with New Energy Powertrain & Drivetrain solutions.

The Two Wheeler Prototype Project

We aim to be a Design & Development partner and work closely with our partners to aid them in their journey from Concept Development to Commercialisation.

The Unique & Proprietary Solution - Modular Battery System (MBS)

We have developed a Proprietary Plug & Play Modular Battery System (MBS) to provide flexibility between range of 60 km – 240 km to the Buyer of two wheelers. These work very similar to power banks & are easily swappable at a Battery Swapping Station. These enable buyers with flexibility at the time of purchase to avoid exorbitant costs generally associated with batteries

The Electric Carriage Prototype Project

We have developed a very successful Electric Carriage Project powered by an Electric Powertrain & Drivetrain. The said project showcases years of experience & relentless hard work by the Naya Team to enable & aid acceleration of Clean Mobility Solutions & Green Energy.

We have launched our very own Electric Carriages in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park as part of the Initiatives of the Government of India to ensure all Natural Parks are powered by Clean Mobility & Green Energy.

The said project is part of a much bigger vision to replace traditional horse driven Carriages in various cities of India most popularly being Mumbai & to replace these traditional carriages with the electric variants & providing gainful employment to the previously displayed Carriage Owners.

Our pilot project is presently visible in the Sanjay National Gandhi National Park & in the Streets of Mumbai. We will shortly be launching the said project extensively through over 5 Cities in India.