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‘Balu’ is committed to preserving & conservation of the environment as a step towards creation of a ‘green factory’ in harmony with the local area an important part of our environmental policy. The environmental policy revolves around the implementation and maintenance of an Environmental Management System & we are in the process of receiving the ISO/TS 14001 accreditation for the same. As part of our environmental management system, we are carrying out an internal audit as well as regular external audits to strive to increase the environmental awareness of our staff & speed up our goal of being a ‘green factory’.

We are engaging in implementing a strong & sustainable waste management system as part of our environmental policy to minimise our environmental footprint and to optimise resources through energy-saving and efficiency measures. This is borne out by the actions planned in our energy management system, recycling and reuse of resources. By constantly applying improvements and new procedures we are able to progress towards an ‘innovative’ & ‘go green’ industrial model committed to the conservation of the environment.