Ecosystem Building


It is imperative for any disruption to be complemented & supported by an ecosystem ready to support that revolution. We have highlighted an aggressive approach to build complete solutions to expand the network of Charging & Fueling Stations. The key areas we are addressing at Naya is a network of Wall Mounted Chargers, Wireless Charging Stations & Hydrogen Fueling Stations.

Wall Mounted Chargers

We are working on a range of Charging Stations Conforming to Bharat EV AC Charger (BEVC-AC001) & Bharat EV DC Charger (BEVC-DC001) norms. We have also developed a number of solutions as per the EU Regulations for Charging. This includes a product mix consisting of Fast & Super Chargers with a capability of charging at 350 KW. Our R&D team is working on further expanding this capability to make our charging stations suitable for Heavy Duty CVs up to a capacity of 1.2 MW


RFID swiping card function enabled

Adjustable Currents 8A/ 10A/ 16A/ 32A/ 40A

Easy to Assemble

Charging Standards

SAE J1772 2009 (Type 1) North American standard

Meet IEC 62196-2 (Type-2) European standard

High compatibility with T1/T2 vehicle

Charging Currents Avaliable

3.6KW 16A 1 phase

7.5KW 32A 1 phase

11KW 16A 3 phase

22KW 16A 3 phase

This is only a Working Prototype & subject to further changes

We have developed our very own application available on both the android & IOS platforms. These enables better monitoring for Micro Utility Companies/Owners as well as Fleet/Vehicle Owners

Wireless Charging Stations

Our team is hard at work in building novel solutions for Wireless Charging Stations. We have signed a number of MOUs with local authorities in the region of India. There are a number of pilot projects in the works to offer wireless charging stations on National Highways suitable for both passenger vehicles & Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles.

This is only an Engineering Illustration & subject to further changes


The potential customers fit their vehicles with receivers that pick up signals from in-ground charges

Market Opportunity

There is an opportunity to sell the receivers to vehicle makers, fleet owners, car owners for existing models as well as future government projects for installations

Charging Currents Avaliable

The receiver matches the frequency of the plate, the way a radio scans for a usable station, then starts to charge the car

Hydrogen Fueling Stations

We are working on Hydrogen Fueling Stations & our pilot project is presently underway to establish the first Hydrogen Fueling Stations for fuel cell vehicles. We have successfully removed the hindrance largely associated with Hydrogen Storage & this can now benefit a large fueling opportunity. With the ever increasing market share for fuel cell vehicles especially in the Heavy Duty Segment, a presence of Fueling stations is equally important. We wish to spearhead in this segment as one of the early movers to prepare the ecosystem for the New Energy Revolution. This includes electrolysers & onsite Hydrogen Storage.